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As most of the games on the site are Java applets (no longer playable from a browser) and Flash games (End of life in 2020) it makes no sense to keep this site up. In my spare time, I am porting the games to HTML 5 and hosting them on my personal site Here is the list of games that have been or are going to be ported based on the polling results of the poll I had. If you notice any omissions, please feel free to contact me.

Already Ported as of May 1st, 2019

Larger Game Plans

Holiday Games

These games will be ported and released to coincide with the month that the particular holiday appropriate to the game Is in. The are listed in order of popularity.

Small Games

These smaller games will be filler games that will be released between installments of my larger project games. I will try to port then in the order of popularity, unless someone wishes to sponsor a game (in which case it becomes highest propriety). The games are in order of popularity with low priority games barely making my threshold, and no-priority games being the games that did not meet my cut so will only be ported if I feel like it or somebody sponsors the game.

High Priority

Low Priority

No Priority

Book Games

The “Making HTML5 games in Animate” eBook is being released on my Blazing Games Development Blog. Once it is done I will write a “Making HTML5 games in Create.js” which will include these games so they will be ported once I get around to writing that book.

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